Cosmetic Surgery Negligence Claim

Cosmetic Surgery is an area of medicine in Ireland that lacks any real regulations. This has led to people carrying out complicated surgeries without being permanently licensed to practice in Ireland and they are lacking the necessary skills and experience to carry out such surgeries. This in turn is resulting in post – operative complications and sub – standard post – operative care.


Even the most straightforward and seemingly simplest of procedures are causing significant issues for people due to negligent handling of the operation and post – operative stage.

It must be noted that people can often be left disappointed with the outcome of cosmetic surgery but this does not necessarily mean that negligence was involved.

Cosmetic Surgeons, like in most medical procedures, must gain informed consent from the patient before they can carry out the surgery. The patient must be made aware of all possible risks and future complications that are associated with the procedure before any operation is carried out and a failure to do so can lead to a claim for medical negligence, if negligence ensues.

Examples of consequence’s include; Infections, Nerve Injuries, Scarring etc.