Oncology & Cancer Claims

Thankfully, major improvements have been made across the medical world in treating cancers. If diagnosed early enough and adequate medical treatment is provided, then the chances of complete recovery or at least significant prolongation of life expectancy are drastically increased.


However, unfortunately where many cases of negligence arise are in relation to a delay in diagnosis of the cancer and in turn delayed proper treatment of the problem. This results in the rates of survival being drastically worsened or a more invasive treatment becoming an absolute necessity.

While it is rare, it can be the case that negligence occurs due to poorly performed surgery however it is more likely that negligence is brought about due to a delay in diagnosis as a result of a failure to properly analyse blood tests, scans or x- rays.

Studies have shown that 1 in 3 people will encounter some form of cancer at some stage in their life and it remains one of the most prominent causes of deaths particularly in first world countries, therefore timely diagnosis and treatment is of utmost importance.

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