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I am a cyclist and I suffered a personal injury when I was cycling in my local town about a year ago. I was knocked off my bicycle by a passing car. He drove too close to me and his wing mirror clipped my handlebar causing me to fall to the ground. I went to my GP who prescribed painkillers for me. Unfortunately I have been left with lingering pain in my shoulder.  I am now attending a physiotherapist for treatment which is giving me some pain relief. My friend advised me to talk to my solicitor but I feel that it is too late now.  Am I too late to consider looking for compensation for my injuries? Please advise me.

Cyclists are recognised as vulnerable road users.  Such vulnerability makes it almost inevitable that a cyclist will come off the worst in any accident involving a car. Even a minor incident can result in a cyclist being thrown off their bicycle and sustaining horrendous injuries.

I note that your bicycle accident occurred about a year ago. It is not uncommon for people to bring compensation claims for injuries sustained in an accident many months after the accident. On occasion, one may not fully appreciate the true and full extent of injuries sustained until several weeks or months after an accident.

The law determining the time limits in which a person may claim compensation for injuries following an accident is called the Statute of Limitations. One normally has two years from the date of accident to bring a compensation claim for personal injuries. This differs in the case of an injured child in that ‘limitation period’ does not start to run until the child reaches eighteen years old i.e. a child may bring a claim for injuries sustained as a child up until their 20th birthday.

If you believe that your injuries were sustained as a result of the fault of another person contact Byrne Carolan Cunningham Litigation Department who will fully advise you of your rights in the strictest of confidence. It is imperative that you do so without delay.

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