No Win/No Fee Explained

No Win/No Fee Explained

What is no win no fee?

No Win No Fee is sometimes also called “No Foal No Fee”.  

This means that the Solicitor makes an arrangement with their Client to take on a case and no legal fees will be paid to the Solicitor for their work if the personal injury claim is unsuccessful.

There is also an agreement made for the payment of the Solicitors fees if the claim is successful and compensation is awarded to the Client.

No Win No Fee gives Clients, who may not be able to afford the fees of a Personal Injury Solicitor, the opportunity to bring a personal injury claim.

An individual who has suffered a personal injury through no fault of their own may already be affected financially by being out of work and having additional medical bills and may not be able to afford legal fees.  This would lead to an unfair situation where somebody is entitled to claim for compensation for their losses but can not do so because they cannot afford it.

No Win No Fee gives access to legal expertise to a person who is affected in that way.  It makes legal services more available and more affordable to everyone.

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