*Hospital Acquired Infection Injury

The last thing we expect when going into hospital to be treated for something is to contract an unrelated illness whilst in there. Unfortunately, hospital acquired infections such as C – Difficile and MRSA have become quite common.

There are a multitude of reasons for the increase in hospital acquired infections. Beds and their surrounding area have not been properly cleaned due to hospital staff being under pressure, lengthy stays in wards make patients more vulnerable to infection and many hospitals have heavy streams of emergency admittances, making it difficult for wards to be thoroughly cleaned.

As well as this, hygiene standards are not always adhered to fully. There can be failures to wash hands correctly, failures to clean bed sheets properly and failure to sterilise equipment thoroughly. These too can simply be down to medical staff being under severe pressure.

The aforementioned infections can be quite serious including ulceration and bleeding from the colon in cases of C – Difficile and septicaemia and pneumonia in cases of MRSA.

These cases can be difficult considering infections can come about without any negligence on behalf of medical staff but do not be hesitant in contacting us if feel you have contracted an infection whilst in hospital and we will investigate the matter for you.

It is worth considering some of the following;

  • Were you screened as MRSA or C-Difficile negative when you were admitted to hospital
  • You are within their rights to request an MRSA swab upon admission to the hospital
  • Take note of whether appropriate hygienic procedures are in place. E.g. Medical staff wearing gloves
  • Were there delays in recognising and treating the infection
  • Was the infection inappropriately treated

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