Wills and Inheritance

Wills and Inheritance law

A will is a legal document setting out directions on how the property of the person making the will shall be distributed upon his/her death.

IF you die without having made a will, your property will be divided in accordance with the rules as set out in the Succession Act, 1965. The rules must be applied strictly regardless of the needs or financial circumstances of your next of kin.

It is advisable to make a will if you are a parent with young children or if you have any long term dependents so as to allow you appoint Guardians to care for your children after your death ensuring that custody of your children is granted to the individuals you prefer.

You can make a new will as often as you like. Your will only takes effect on your death. Your property remains yours to do what you wish with it during your lifetime.

marriage will cancel any will previously made whereas a divorce will not. You should review your will in both situations.
We understand that losing someone close to you can be very traumatic and stressful.

Our dedicated Wills and Inheritance Team are experts in the area of inheritance law and are equipped to look after your loved one’s estate in a sensitive and timely manner. We specialise in all areas of inheritance law and we will offer you the best legal advice whether your loved one made a will or notContact us and we will take it from there.
It is understandable to feel aggrieved if you have been left out of a will in circumstances where you feel you should have benefited. Our expert team of litigation solicitors will offer you the best legal advice regarding your options.

Contact us to discuss your situation with no obligation.

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