Child Personal Injury Claims

Our Firm has considerable experience in dealing with Injury Claims brought on behalf of children. Under Irish Law, a person under the age of eighteen is considered to be a minor in the eyes of the law. A child cannot engage a Solicitor or bring a personal Injury Claim themselves, but require an adult to assist them. Under Irish Law, this adult is called “the Next Friend”. We have considerable experience over many years in dealing with child injury claims. It is extremely important if you believe your child has been involved in an accident and suffered injuries due to the negligence of a third party that you contact a Solicitor to discuss the circumstances of the accident and they will be in a position to advise you as to how best to proceed. Our firm has Solicitors specialising in this area and would welcome any enquiry.

In order to protect the Childs interests under Irish Law if there is any proposals of settlement in respect of a child, any such offer or proposal has to be approved by a Court. This has the advantage of providing an infant with an additional safety net where any settlement offer has to be considered by the court and if the Court considers the offer/proposal to be adequate, then the court will approve and direct any award to be lodged with the Court Services for the benefit of that child until they reach the age of eighteen. Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to explain this process to you in more detail.

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