Judicial Review*

Judicial Review*

Judicial Review is a mechanism by which an application can be made to the High Court to challenge the decision making processes of administrative bodies and lower courts as regards whether the decision is unconstitutional or illegal.  An Application for Judicial Review can be brought against any person or body exercising a public function.

There are three main grounds of judicial review: illegality, procedural unfairness, and irrationality. A decision can be overturned on the ground of illegality if the decision-maker did not have the legal power to make that decision.

If you have been subject to a Decision from a State or Public Body which you feel is not in accordance with the constitution it may be possible to challenge that Decision by way of an Application for Judicial Review in the High Court.

Our Judicial Review Team have successfully challenged the Decisions of various State Bodies, for example, Department of Defence, County Councils, Education & Training Boards, Residential Institutions Redress Board.

This is a very complex and specialized area of law on which we can advise you fully.

The time limits in which you may make the Application to Court in respect of Judicial Review are very short and therefore you should contact us immediately you become aware of the Decision which you wish to challenge.

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Judicial Review
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