Birth Injury Claims

Birth Injury to Baby

In choosing Byrne Carolan Cunningham LLP Solicitors you can be assured that our team of specialist medical negligence solicitors will focus their attention to give you and your baby’s case the time, energy and expertise it deserves.

Our medical negligence solicitors, Niall Cunningham and Dolores Gacquin are always happy to speak to you soon after the birth of your child to advise you of your options. As parents, they also particularly understand that this is an incredibly difficult and stressful time for you and your family and will ensure that your call will be dealt with promptly, efficiently and with kindness. If we cannot help you, we will make no charge for our time, we will be happy to offer you our expertise at this difficult time for you and your family.

We have successfully concluded many high value birth injury cases. We engage all necessary experts on a client’s behalf to ensure that maximum awards are achieved to fund rehabilitation, care, support, therapies and education.
Your child’s case may take time to conclude as it is important to ensure that your child is old enough for us to assess all potential lifelong needs. However, we can obtain interim payments to ensure that urgent and pressing needs can be met as soon as possible e.g. funds required to meet private physiotherapy sessions, motor/sensory group sessions, orthotic requirements etc.

Birth injury cases include injury to the mother, the baby, or both. Some examples of birth injury cases include:

Birth Injury to Mother

With decades of birth injury claims experience we have, unfortunately, seen every possible form of medical negligence. Our specialist medical negligence solicitors are happy to offer women legal advice regarding gynaecological injuries such as perforated bladder or bowel or obstetric injuries sustained during the course of childbirth including third or fourth degree tears.

If you have sustained a third or fourth degree tear during childbirth which has caused you to suffer further complications, you could be entitled to make a medical negligence claim for your injuries.

Third or fourth degree tears, also known as an obstetric anal sphincter injury, can occur in 6 out of 100 births for first time mothers and less than 2 out of 100 births for women who have had a vaginal birth before.

A vaginal tear can occur quite naturally during childbirth. Most tears occurring during childbirth are first or second degree tears and there are normally no long-term complications for the mother. However, third or fourth degree tears can sadly cause significant pain and discomfort and also complications including pain during sexual intercourse and pain or discomfort when using the toilet.

If your medical team had clear evidence that you were highly likely to tear and failed to take action to prevent the tear, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation for medical negligence. Equally, you may be entitled to compensation for medical negligence if the tear is not recognised and treated appropriately at the time of birth.

If you would like advice and assistance please contact Dolores Gacquin, Medical Negligence Solicitor. All enquiries will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

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