Erbs Palsy and Brachial Plexus injuries

A Brachial Plexus injury will result in a neurological impairment in the arm, known as Erbs Palsy. As well as the damage being irreparable, the injury will also require further surgical procedures down the line as well as long term aids becoming a necessity.


Erbs Palsy occurs during child birth when the baby’s shoulders get obstructed as the baby passes down the birth canal and then becomes stuck. This is a horrific prospect for both the mother and the medical staff as the baby must be delivered before it suffers brain damage or dies from the lack of oxygen. The clinician must refrain from excessive pulling on the baby’s head as this may result in damage to the baby’s brachial plexus nerves.

There are a range of approved practices in place in the medical world that are to be followed in order to ensure a safe delivery is made of a child who is being obstructed by an impacted shoulder. A failure to implement such practices would be considered as substandard treatment in instances where a child is left suffering with Erbs Palsy.

There can be costly future expenses that accompany such an injury. At BCC Solicitors, we are committed to getting the best result for you and your child in order to support you for whatever procedures or appliance needs that may lie ahead.