Parking on Footpaths

Please advise me if it is illegal to park on a footpath? I see vehicles regularly parking two wheels on and two wheels off footpaths. I know people are busy doing their Christmas shopping but they appear to have no consideration for others including parents with buggies, the elderly using walking aids and wheelchair users in particular. I would appreciate your advice.

Not only is it inconsiderate, it also illegal to park on a footpath. In fact it is illegal to park in any way which interferes with traffic flow or obstructs or endangers other road users to include pedestrians. The Road Traffic (Traffic and Parking) Regulations 1997 sets out a number of parking prohibitions including:

  • No parking on a footpath (either partly or wholly).
  • No parking on a roadway marked with double yellow lines
  • No parking on a section of roadway where a no parking sign has been provided, for the period indicated
  • No parking within 5 metres of a junction
  • No parking opposite a continuous white
  • No parking in any place, position or manner resulting in interference to a fire brigade station, an ambulance station or a Garda station
  • No parking at a pedestrian crossing or traffic lights, within 15 metres on the approach side or 5 metres on the other side.
  • No parking at a school entrance.
  • No parking on a grass margin or median
  • No parking obstructing any entrancefor vehicles except with the occupier’s consent.

Driving on a footpath can result in the driver receiving a €60 fine if paid within 28 days or €90 fine if paid within the next 28 days together with 1 penalty point or 3 penalty points on conviction. Parking a vehicle in a dangerous position may result in a mandatory court appearance, 5 penalty points and a court fine.



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