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I suffer from very bad arthritis and whilst I have no difficulty driving I find it very difficult to walk long distances to and from my car. I am also quite elderly but thankfully I am not so immobile as to require a wheelchair. Nonetheless, I would like a disabled person’s parking permit as this would make my life so much easier. Am I entitled to one and how do I apply for one? If I get one can my daughter park in a disabled parking area when I travel with her?

A Disabled Person’s Parking Permit or Card is available to people with certain disabilities. The medical criteria determining the issue of the Disabled Persons Parking Permit is quite strict and permits are only issued to people whose mobility is severely and permanently restricted. The primary legislation for the purposes of the Disabled Persons Parking Permit defines a disabled person as “a person with a permanent condition or disability that severely restricts their ability to walk”.

To apply for a Disabled Persons Parking Permit one must write to either the Disabled Drivers Association or the Irish Wheelchair Association in order to obtain an application form.Your GP or other such medical practitioner must complete the medical section of the application, describing your level of mobility and certifying the accuracy of same. The criteria for granting the parking permit will focus on the degree to which mobility and ability to walk is limited. The application form must also be countersigned by a Garda.

Primary Medical Certificate holders automatically qualify and in order to receive their parking permit they are simply obliged to submit a copy of their Primary Medical Certificate with their application form. A Primary Medical Certificate confirms you are severely and permanently disabled. Holding such a certificate also provides a range of tax reliefs linked to the purchase and use of vehicles by disabled drivers and disabled passengers in Ireland.

The parking permit is valid for 2 years from date of issue and costs €35 for new applicants.   The parking permit can be used in any vehicle in which you are travelling so there will be no difficulty should your daughter park in a disabled parking area when you travel with her.



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