Spinal Injury

Spinal injury is damage to the spinal cord by trauma or disease and it can have severe debilitating effects. The extent of the injury depends on the location of the damage on the spine.


The effects of spinal injuries can be catastrophic and the impact it has on the injured party’s life can be devastating. Paralysis, dependency on others and effects on bladder control and sexual functioning are only a few of possible issues attached with spinal injuries.

Injuries sustained during spinal surgery, compression of the spine and infections to the spinal canal are instances of spinal injuries sustained within the medical negligence remit.

Spinal injuries suffered during surgery are sometimes unavoidable, however quite often, the injuries can be prevented and avoided. Diagnosis at an appropriate time can lead to successful treatment and prevention of possible injuries to the spine.

If you find yourself in circumstances where, had the standard of care been adhered to the damage caused would have been prevented then you may have a claim for compensation.